Episode 134 – Memento Maury feat. Joe Mande & James Adomian (8/20/17)

On this, August 20th, the national day of Hungary, founded in AD 1000, White House advisor and international supervillain Dr. Sebastian Gorka (James Adomian) transmits a message gloating over his recent victories pushing out rivals in the Trump cabinet. Then Joe Mande joins us to talk about the grim world of Maury Povich, YouTube Boy… Read More

UNLOCKED: Episode 133 – Antifap feat. Shuja Haider (8/17/17)

Our buddy Shuja (@shujaxhaider) joins us to talk about Charlottesville; the bravery of the IWW, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, PSL, and DSA people there, the coming split of the soft and hardcore white supremacists, the solidarity growing on the left, and the post-lib future staring us all in the face. Some things to donate to… Read More

Episode 132 – Bloco’s Modern Life (8/12/17)

A special 3-part interview with a bunch of international left-wingers we met at the DSA Convention last week — Marcus Barnett of Momentum in the UK, Catarina Príncipe of Bloco de Esquerda in Portugal, and Djordje Kuzmanovic of La France Insoumise. Also — Pitch in, if you can, for the medical bills of the people… Read More

Episode 129 – The Affordable Covfefe Act feat. Tim Faust (7/30/17)

Tim Faust (@crulge on Twitter) is back to break down the GOP’s failed healthcare push, what comes next, and how to seize the moment and push for single-payer and beyond. Subscribe to Tim’s newsletter:

Episode 127 – Dr. Dementia feat. Ricky Rawls (7/23/17)

Our pal T is back to talk Trump’s beautiful brain, Tony “The Braciole” Scaramuccioliado, the Democratic Party’s new slogan, and read from Rod Dreher’s mailbag. Salut Here’s T’s pod, Champagne Sharks: @champagnesharks Get the premium Sharks here: